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At Howtosavetax Ltd, we are experienced tax advisers. We have access to specialist tax solutions which many small advisers do not. We use our experience to design a solution to provide the desired benefits to you and your family, while preserving as much of the family wealth as possible.

We do not set out with a fixed solution in mind. We pride ourselves on our ability to really listen to your needs and find the solution which meets all of your requirements. A main focus of our service to you is asking questions to identify fully the parameters of the planning issue and fully understand what you really want to achieve.

A systematic approach

  • What are your objectives and desired outcomes? Have we identified all relevant issues? We will consider all tax and non-tax issues relevant to the case. Do any other issues arise as a result of our discussions?
  • How can we best balance tax priorities with non-tax priorities? Will a solution that saves tax, have non-tax consequences?
  • Are there other ways the desired benefits and outcomes can be achieved? Sometimes a stated objective is looking for particular benefits or outcomes that the desired solution may not deliver, or that can better be achieved in a different way.
  • What are the costs and benefits of each solution? Saving more tax is irrelevant if the costs reduce or negate the benefits.
  • Finally, we will collectively decide which solution is best, and then begin implementation.
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